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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The REAL Author's Take On The Recent Blogging Scene.

Hi, this is NOT Daphne. Trying to imitate and emulate Daphne in this blog was fun and I was quite surprised at how fun it was being a complete ditz.

I have followed Daphne's blog from the time it was pinkshoefetish to bleedingblackbutterflies to the current bleedingbutterfly.

The question is: Why?

Why do I still go back to read her blog when I find her so "full of crap"?

Well, just like most of you! To read her ridiculous posts, shake my head in disbelief and LAUGH! It's almost the same as flies being attracted to shit. In this case, yes, I am the pesky fly who is addicted to reading Daphne's shit. But it doesn't mean I like Daphne or like what she says. I am just stupified by how a person like her actually exists.

I don't know Daphne well at all but yes, as one of the comments has stated, Daphne has "provided the ammunition for people to shoot her down with". All the information I have about her was provided in her blog and my own impression of her was formed from the way she portrays herself in her blog.

Daphne always claims that she exaggerates in her blog for the fun of it and that she should not be taken seriously. However, it does not take a fool to notice that Daphne IS exactly what most think of her to be: fake, evil, mean, contradictory, attention seeking...

From the incident with her ex-boyfriend where she almost ruined his reputation by putting out a vicious post about him, one is able to tell what sort of a character Daphne possesses. How Daphne could have turned from a smitten Zhuang-lover to a vicious Zhuang-hater overnight, complete with a new boyfriend to spite Zhuang is unfathomable.

There are many hints from Daphne's from blog which show the maliciousness of her character and also reasons why we should always doubt 90% of what she says or claims.

This brings me to the whole blogging scene in general. From the recent Dawn Yang Expose to the current Daphne Teo Farewell-Goodbye-I'm-Back Stunt, I can sense a similar blogging pattern. Blogging is now being used as an avenue to achieve star status. Even "fans" can be garnered through the mere act of blogging. It is even easier to gain fame and recognition for these girls through blogging in opposition to getting it the old way- modelling, acting, singing, etc, as it is so easy to create the "perfect image" through lies and truth manipulation and way easier to do it through such a medium whereby they are not fully exposed in the same way as TV stars or singers. They can choose to hide alot more facts and aspects of their lives and show the good parts in their blogs, be it the purchases they buy (I am willing to bet my life that all the things that Daphne shows on her blog are ALL that she owns) or certain 'angles' of their faces (how can Dawn even make it as a star when she complained when TNP's photographer took a 'bad' picture of her?).

Achieving fame and recognition by having real talent or natural beauty (as well as alot of hard work) is hard as in reality, people can immediately see through pathetic PR stunts and plastic surgery (in Dawn's case, EXTREME plastic surgery. BTW, she would never go far in the industry as people from the media can immediately tell a full-on plastic (slight enhancements are a whole different story from an extreme make-over) from real skin and flesh. Plus it just doesn't work on camera, unless she tries her luck in Korea). Daphne and Dawn would have to go through alot more to prove themselves.

I am just stunned at the way blogging has been utilized to gain personal fame and recognition. At this rate, with all the lies and fabrication that people weave effortlessly, what is real and what is fake? Where is the line that differentiates between the two? True, "nothing in this world is certain". BUT, do we need even more uncertainty? And shouldn't we try to discourage it when we are able to pinpoint such manifestations in certain attention seeking individuals whom we see right through? Especially when these girls are setting very bad examples for the young females of Singapore. Some may aspire to live the 'rich' lifestyle of Daphne (when she is really just a farce), and others may become obsessed with looking like Dawn (when she went through extreme measures to obtain her artificial beauty).

This is the last post. I don't have that much time and effort to continue to "be" Daphne Teo. The previous posts were done out of complete and utter boredom and distaste for Daphne's unbelievably BIG ego.

Before I sign off, I would just like to remind everyone not to idolize any Tom Dick Harry Jill Jane or Mary in the blogging scene (the media too, in general). Make a better judgement when you meet these celebrities or worse still, less credential "blog celebrities" in the flesh. You'd be surprised. Daphne may be the most "unhappening" person at Zouk driving her little Opel or one of Dad's old BMW 5-series (how many people own more or/and better cars? please raise your hands) or Dawn Yang may look like a walking Wacko Jacko transvestite with one fake eyelash falling off.

Goodbye and good luck!

Don't worry I won't pull a "Daphne", I WON'T be back! ;)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Bad Publicity Is Definitely Good Publicity!

Who cares? As long as people KNOW me, who cares if they know me as an act rich bitch loser?

Found this entry about me. Hope the author doesn't mind me for using it... but it sums ME up pretty well (Good job!):

"Speaking of embodiments of bimbotic rich bitches...
Sigh i'm a little hesitant because i know how blog wars are started with this kinda thing.
But anyway. I shall be brave.
Lets make this clear first lar har in case any of her supporters come sniffing round and then wagwag their tails and go reporting to mummy. I'm not jealous of her (okay maybe a little bit of her Chanel bag) but it's not like my family cannot afford it. I also live in a big house what, I also study overseas what, my family also got lots of money okay, and I also have loving boyfriend who does sweet things what.
(slight exaggeration in paragraph above but its to prove a point i promise)
The difference is, I dont flaunt all things above to get attention.
And never mind the flaunting, when she DOES get all the attention, she gets angry. Like omygod, don't try to find my blog like omygod i'm so popular i dont need all this, like omygod i'm so pretty, like omygod i have this perfect life and you dont.
Right. So you DONT want people looking for your blog but your last entry freely gives the new address away?
Open your fucking pretty eyes and look around lar. Life is not all about you, it's not all about your branded bags and your Gucci pumps and how perfect you can portray yourself. It's not all about how many sweet entries you can squeeze out from your boyfriend on HIS blog about how perfect you are. All this only serves to further inflate your already huge ego.
Who are you trying to fool? Your so called avid fans? Or yourself?"

*Blink Blink*

How did you see through me so well?


And I thought I was smart enough to pull it off. :(

Hmm... obviously an almost perfect GPA like mine or top school I am in now doesn't necessarily translate to being truly SMART.

One of my friends (of the few I have), Lina stands up for me against the flamers. But doesn't little Lina understand that people are flaming me for a reason? That even people in reality are talking and laughing behind my back? About what a JOKE I am? If I really wasn't as hateful and annoying as alot of people find me, then where did these people find the ammunition to shoot me down with?


I am providing them with the ammunition.

There are so many other people who are BETTER LOOKING RICHER SMARTER SKINNIER MORE POPULAR than me. Why would they be jealous?

Just because I have a blog to fake or exaggerate all that?


Well, maybe they should go start a blog too then and STOP BEING JEALOUS OF ME!


Quotes and comments about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!



1. "Who is daphne teo?"

2. "Daphne Who? whatever."

3. "I wonder what was the contributor's reason to provide the link -
"Related to amusement, but in a more specific fashion, it starts large chain reactions in response to one's initial post. Achieving a disproportionately large response to a small action is the general theme. This is similar to how a young child that goes "missing" (but is actually hiding) may act with glee, seeing a large number of people conducting a massive search in response to the supposed disappearance"
- extracted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll"

The reason is MARKETING. Like duh!

4. " "To always be soooo successful in whatever i do even when i dont want to be.
From her blog:

"Everything i touch just turns to gold.

Swimming ( Ranked third in SEAsia AT a mere age of 14 even when i hated it),
Modelling (FHM, New paper etc),
Blogging ( 5000-7000 people a day),
Studying ( Raffles and now Dean's list, almost perfect GPA in Engineering in a top US university)"

Wha... being modest ain't her best quality init?"

5. "Sounds like someone with a huge inferiority complex."

6. "Who's Daphne Teo and why should any of us give a damn about her leaving? Judging from this one post, all I can say is that the blogosphere is all the better for this. We don't need stupid people like this clogging up the Internet."

7. "Good riddance! that one single post is already such a turn off. Like Singapore needs anymore *bleep* show-off scholars. My sister's a scholar and was from RJ too, so? If she ever writes like that i'll throttle her. Disgusting!"

8. "please don't make me laugh!

i know daphne teo from school and was shocked when i first found out about the way she blogs, pretending to be some "pedigree" cream of the crop of society, popular! she was a nobody in school! she wasn't even considered one of the "hottest" girls in school. cute, yes but hardly ever talked about.

came across this "expose" on her: www.pinkblackbullcrap.blogspot.com

that comes pretty close to the truth about her, and a good "imitation" of the way she speaks in her blog.

knowing her, this "farewell/goodbye" is just a pathetic publicity stunt she is trying to get since dawn yang a fellow RJCian has been in it for so long."

9. SERIOUSLY, what is WRONG with these RJC girls who keep trying to pretend to be something they're NOT?

dawn yang/yeo: naturally beautiful, smart (the scholarship issue), mixed heritage

daphne teo: rich, popular...

WAH LAU, I ALSO CAN! what i've learned is that just set up a blog and market yourself.

10. "hey diva working mom, you are already so old and still getting fashion tips from someone like daphne who doesn't even have a sense of fashion? daphne's 'fashion sense' (if she has any), is less than average. she is not even one bit fashionable considering the fact she looks so commonplace with her junkfood tees and copied balenciaga bag. where is the originality? the only times i go to look at her blog is to laugh and bitch with friends about what a showoff she is and how she makes going to places like chanel and tod's a big deal.

why not just go straight to a magazine for fashion tips? daphne was way behind when she got her first balenciaga bag. following behind a fashion lagger's footsteps makes you even more of a fashion dimwit.

btw, which true blue fashionista goes around proclaiming: I AM A FASHIONISTA?
same goes with rich/popular/goodlooking people. who goes around repeating: I AM FUCKING RICH/POPULAR/GOODLOOKING!

only daphne of course. what a poser."

Seems like I'm not as famous as Dawn Fucking Yang yet. BUT I WILL DO WHATEVER I CAN TO BE!

I want to have plastic surgery toooooooooooooooooooo!

Yes, I was totally trying to insinuate that she HAD plastic surgery.

And NO, it was NOT meant to be a joke.


I told you I'd be back!

I am Singapore's biggest attention seeker.

Dawn Yang got too much of the limelight. So I faked a dramatic exit, tomorrowed myself (tomorrow.sg/archives/2005/11/18/daphne_teo_bids_farewell_to_the_.html), made it up the technorati search and kicking Dawn Yang off it, and...


If I really wanted to have a private blog, do you think I'd let you guys find it that easily? I am in PURDUE, A TOP UNIVERSITY. Why would I be that stupid?
MARKETING. M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G. Yes, marketing.

I hope you have learned a few things from me.

IF I really wanted to keep private and avoid attention, would I bother to update you guys in a new post saying that I was going to N.Y?



The truth is I am a nobody in reality.

I can only be a somebody in my blog by making myself seem and sound like one, and then dupe you stupid people (who I am definately better looking, smarter, happier,nicer, richer,skinnier and wiser than) into believing I am everything that I am not.

It is very easy to create a PERFECT image of oneself via the internet through a few good pictures, word play and truth manipulation.

But who cares, as long as you guys are eating my lies up like the foolish idiots you are, I AM THE WINNER!

Nobody can fucking win with you guys but I can definately FUCK WITH YOUR MINDS.

Ha ha ha ha ha..

Now, instead of idolizing people like me who pretends to be rich and popular, or Dawn Yang who pretends to be a naturally beautiful eurasian lass, how about picking up some ideas on creating your own online persona? You can be anyone you want to be, from the Paris Hilton to the Michael Jackson of Singapore!


*Flips hair*

Ta Ta!!

PS: I am the perfect personification of a walking contradiction. I LOVE to put up posts and then take them off, say things and then retract them, allow comments because I won't read them anyway and then disable comments again, disappear and reappear.


Attention. I NEED ATTENTION. Because believe it or not, I actually have a low self esteem. Why else would I be the way I am?

I am allowing comments from the post onwards because I NEED compliments to boost my ego. Be nice and say GOOD THINGS (how rich smart popular beautiful) about me or else I will disable comments again! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Now, what did I teach you guys about marketing?

Act like you don't care, say some crazy out of this world shit to attract attention, brag ALOT, bid a VERY DRAMATIC GOODBYE!


Hello again!

I'M BACK! It's me! Miss Daphne I-think-I'm-So-Damn-Great!! THE EVIL HORSEY LOOKING ACT RICH BITCH!!


I MAKE my dad sound like he's a fucking Nippon CEO! But he looks like a lorry driver.

I MAKE my mom sound like she's a TAI TAI! But she looks like a very tired looking ah soh who doesn't even dress like a tai tai.


Let's see... my achievements: NEW PAPER. FHM. SWIMMING. NEW PAPER. FHM. SWIMMING. OH and of course, BLOGGING TOO.

I forgot to mention that it is hell easy for any average looking plain jane like me to enter the New Face Search. There aren't that many teenage girls to go around in Singapore. And man, I didn't win anything. Not even a Miss Photogenic or Miss Great Smile.


Let me tell you why. Because I was just used to fill in one of the spots. I was an EXTRA. The main girls in the competition were Katrina, Jessica, and Tammie.

I'm nothing compared to them.

Swimming. Ok, have to give that one to myself. I GOT SEA GAMES MEDAL! I GOT 3RD PLACE! I AM DAMN GOOD!


Firecracker of the month. HAHA, sorry I made you laugh till stomachache when I wore that push up bra and looked like some half-man half woman THING. Firecrackers are usually ah lians but WHO CARES? I GET TO BE ON A MAGAZINEEE!! They thought I was an ah lian because I look and act like one. But I must say, I am the prettiest ah lian firecracker EVER.


5000-7000 hits a day! Now how many times have I taken care to REPEAT that? Who cares??! 5000-7000 A DAY!!!

Now that so many female bloggers have either closed down/off their blogs, i shall PRETEND to too! It's cool like that you know. I AM after all, number what? 7th in place at hottest blogger? The first two have closed down so... I shall follow suit as well! Who cares if I have one of the lowest votes? I AM STILL THE PRETTIEST. THE SMARTEST. THE RICHEST. And not forgetting, the SKINNIEST.

And don't you ever forget that.




Just wait and see.

PS: Plastic surgery. All these girls... Well, they look GOOD that's why they're getting flak. I on the otherhand, NEED SURGERY. Since I LOOOVE repeating myself, here goes:

I need:


2. Eyebrow implants.

3. Double eyelids.

4. Collagen plumpers for my lips.

5. Smaller teeth.

Something plastic surgery can't fix:


btw, don't you think my new boyfriend Erik The Prick looks supiciously GAY?!!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Things To Remind Myself

1. Not to smile with my mouth closed.

-I should always smile with my teeth showing because I look better that way, even if I look kind of horsey. When I try to look sweet and demure by smiling slightly with my mouth closed and lips pursed, I look like Daffy Duck. Hey! We share the same nickname! *daffy duck pout* To make my lips look fuller, maybe I should try a lip plumping lip gloss instead.

2. Green contacts don't suit me.

-They make me look even more evil than I already am. And they also draw unwanted attention to my thin and bitchy looking eyebrows.

3. While posing for my narcissistic shots, I should not try too hard to look cool or sexy. Because I turn out looking like a

4. I shouldn't thrust my chest out because it draws more attention to my flat chest.

5. To keep a distance from beautiful girls like my Taiwanese friend Wendy.

-When I stand beside her in pictures, I look like a tree or lampstand and fade into the background. It also makes it more obvious that I am trying to be and look like her, noticed my experiment with curly hair?

Other than that, I am fantabulously PERRRFECT. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Behind The Post: Dinner

Why do I always like to announce to the whole world what brand my clothes, bags and shoes are? I guess such a trait is typical of show offs like me.

What I wrote on my other blog: "I wore a little black dress with my pearls and gucci pumps. Over it, I wore my burberry scarf with my marc jacob double breasted coat."


I'm proving everyone wrong and moving on from my usual favourite brands, as mentioned in my first post, to designer wear!

Well well. Who knows if those stuff are really from those brands right? Remember the time I said I was going to buy some Chloe bag and taunted my readers by saying "too bad you guys can't see it" after threatening to close down my blog? Maybe not because I took off that post as well, something I like to do after realizing how stupid I sound. Ok anyway, WHERE is that bag? I didn't get it! Oh... and what about those DIOR shades I supposedly ordered? Never got them!

/Note: If the real Daphne decides to suddenly whip those purchases out on her blog for all to see, we hope you are able to discern that she only got them after this post to prove this blog wrong./

I am such a liar. A liar who likes to show off.

My Gucci shoes are so last last last last last season. Sigh, I am not living up to my reputation as a self proclaimed fashionista at all. Shoot me. And fuck, I should've realized that Gucci monogram pumps DO NOT go with that signature BURBERRY scarf at all! You know what they say about people who have branded stuff that are obviously branded (and two at one time is just too much!)- SHOW OFF. TACKY. NO TASTE or IMAGINATION. But that's just me. And I am simply fantabulous and smashing.

I know my head is big, and I am not ashamed. After all, Paris Hilton made big heads cool! Who cares? You say bitch like it's a bad thing. *pout*

And WOOHOO, I'm like, soo smart. I didn't study but I got an A for my exam. Once again I shall repeat- I am maintaining an A in every class except one because of you know who. The blame is always pushed to someone else. I am always right. I am the best. The smartest! The prettiest! But only because I think and say so.

PS: Hey do you guys think my foundation is too pasty and cakey? I like to be something I am not even with my makeup. Tend to always choose the wrong colour of foundation. Oh well.

Before I sign off, just want to say to all the JEALOUS girls out there: FUCK OFF! I like to think that all other girls are JEALOUS of me because I am (fake) rich, (average) pretty and (book) smart! Just because you are not as crafty as me to think up ways of marketing myself as rich, pretty and smart, the rest of you all suck!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Truth About Me

My name is Daphne and like duh *rolls eyes* I am super fucking rich but only because I say so.

My real friends or people in real life know the truth which is- my family is only average or a little above average by Singapore standards. My home is located in Pasir Ris facing blocks of HDB flats but I am aware of the fact that rich people usually live in places like Orchard or Holland and so when someone left several comments revealing where I lived, I deleted them all *hee*. The design of my home is pretty outdated and cheena but sigh, I guess it's enough to pull off a lie that I am rich.

Most people in Singapore can afford at least one or two luxury cars but I make a big deal of my old models of luxury cars. And I drive a car in Singapore that nobody has ever heard of- an Opel, and like duh, which rich girl drives such a car? *raises thin bitchy eyebrows* So to cover up that fact, I made up a story of how I wanted to help my parents save money but in actual fact that was just the car my parents decided to get for me. Now I am in America and want to get a Beetle which is like kind of cheap for a car and especially so since cars here are relatively cheaper than the ones in Singapore. But the beetle can also come off 'rich' and I also like cutsey fobby things (eg Hello Kitty necklaces, Emily the strange) in bright attention seeking colours because I LOVE attention! Like duh... Well I asked my readers if they thought I should get a secondhand car to (lied again, sorry!) help my parents save money but actually, cars are still a little too expensive here for me and my poor parents are complaining. :( *pouts my auntie-looking lips* Which reminds me: Should I get collagen plumped into my thin lips or just pout it constantly to make it look fuller? Oh pouting also makes it look more like I'm a spoilt rich girl! Cool! And do you think I should get boob implants for my flat chest?

Sigh, decisions decisions...

*ponders hard but not too hard*

On to my shopping. Oooooh I absolutely fucking LOVE shopping. I mean like which rich girl doesn't right? So a wannabe like me better love it too. My trick in making people think and believe that I have alot of money at my disposal to buy anything I want is to simply proclaim that I am going to buy this, this, this, and that. But I only end up buying only one item on my long list of expensive items. And I'll usually also say I'm going to buy many colours or versions of something but really just buy one. It's like, *twirls hair* most girls in Singapore are able to afford an expensive item like a Chanel or Tod's bag from time to time, just like me. But I make it seem like I'm super rich by putting out blog entries to show all the expensive items I have (I don't have anything else nice besides the ones in my blog) and making it a big deal when I went to Chanel and Tod's and made it look like it was a normal thing for me to do- go into high end boutiques and drop a bomb there. *evil bitchy laugh* But think about it people, those rich girls that I aspire to be like don't make it a big deal at all. The thought of them having gone to Chanel or Tod's today wouldn't even cross their mind or compel them to write it out in their blog because it's an everyday thing for them right? But most of my readers are too gullible to see that so, I just went ahead and lied to them. :)

I also like to think I'm a fashionista. Do you think I'm fashionable? I think I am very fashionable! Ahh yes, in my Abercrombie, Junk Food and Urban Outfitter's clothes! Beautiful! I am the epitome of fashion! Sigh, but sometimes I read magazines like Vogue and wished I could dress more like them. Those are true fashionistas la. I'm just a wannabe, once again. As always. *pout**blinkblink*

Oh I also like to credit everything to myself. If I was a true friend to Yanling, I wouldn't have to tell everyone that she was wearing my clothes and accessories. I know it isn't a big deal and that's why, I shouldn't have made it a big deal in the first place. I always do that. But it's good to be over the top right? It is so Paris Hilton! I guess I am moving in the right direction in emulating her style both in clothes and behavior. :)

My love life. Hm. Yes I know, I loved Zhuang alot. He was such a sweetheart and I made sure to let everyone know (as with every other aspect of my life. I like to make everything public ala Paris Hilton my absolute icon!). But I also know that I made him sound like a loser and pussy ass bitch in my blog. Sorry Zhuang. *bambi eyes* And when we broke up because I cheated on him (for the full and true story, go to- thepurduediaries.blogspot.com), I wrote all about it from my point of view and what I wanted people to think on my blog. I made him look like a monster and me as the victim. After awhile though, I took off the post because people were flaming me and made me realize that I shouldn't have done that because it was wrong and unethical. Like duh, I should have realized that fact in the first place.

To practise damage control, I put up some posts on how much I love and loved Zhuang, how sweet he is and how much I miss him. *bambi eyes again* But was really just trying to make up for what I did. Now after him and his friends started a blog to present their side of the story, I do my part to make him jealous and my readers think that I am okay by partying hard and harder than before, saying that I have found a new love, and saying that I am moving to China (but who believes what I say anyway? Saying that I want to move to China makes me sound rich again. that's like so majorly cool!).

Well dear readers, please don't believe what I say because who knows if what I am saying is true or not? *blank bimbo stare* And if you read my entire blog and see beyond all the fluff, maybe you will be able to tell the truth- that is, I am just a fake.

Peace out! *flicks hair*

PS: I have a new post where I talk about how I think it is bad to live with your boyfriend. Lies, lies, lies. Sometimes I make myself feel sick from all the lies and fabrications I put out. Like hello, I used to live with Zhuang practically. I was even going to move in with him. Now I'm pulling a twoheaded stunt in order to create a closure on my breakup with him. Marketing people. I am like so super good at marketing myself! Coolness! *Miss Universe wave*